Is The Units In The Two Correct


  • Abdul Rahman shukr Mahmoud


The two units- Sahih Bukhari- Sahih Muslim


Undoubtedly, the holy Qur’an is one of the holiest books that are known by humanity since its creation. The holy Qur’an has possessed the minds of interpreters and scientists because it is characterized by the high, dignified position, the perfect comprehensiveness, and the inclusion of all basic facts. It is the first source of legislation in the Islamic Nation. Almighty Allah orders us to reflect on its Ayahs (verses) and think about their meaning, for each Ayah is a mercy, a light, a boon, and a guidance. Everyone who resorts to the holy Qur’an and reflects on its Ayahs during times of the day and the night would win the immortal paradise and prosperous living and get success. From this point, the importance of the subject of this thesis appears. It is not possible to know the purpose of Almighty Allah in his Book and to get the knowledge of its Ayahs without knowing the meaning of its words, mediating it, and interpreting After him the honorable Sunnah of the prophet comes to be the second sourse of Islamic including the honorable hadiths of the Messenger of God Muhammed may Gods prayers and peace be upon him some of his companions trans mitted it from him so that it would be a light and a way for the Islamic nation to be guided after him may Gods prayers and peace be upon him.