Evaluating of the Iraqi Islamic Criminal policy in Precautionary the death Peualty


  • Karrar Saadi Jabr
  • Ali Mohammadi Jurkoye


criminal policy, execution punishment, implementation, legislation


As this topic is considered one of the topics of grea importance in penal jurisprudence, it is considered one of the maximum deterrent penalties in criminal legislation because of its rigor and the justice it contains. Although all of humanity is of sound nature, the defect that presents itself to the Islamic nation and others is the departure from its rulings and other legislation and its orientation to man-made legislation that proves its failure at all levels, as the Islamic system is considered one of the most successful systems without dispute, that is, the system is a protection for society. Whether on the individual or collective level, it is the only system that achieves justice, security, and reassurance, and postpones individual and collective happiness in this world and the next. The aim of this research is to study the provisions for studying the death penalty in Islamic and comparative criminal legislation as a detailed, in-depth study and to clarify its concept. And the provisions related to it, and an explanation of the characteristics of this punishment and its avoidance, as well as an explanation of its legitimacy, the extent of justice in this punishment, its goals and conditi