Frameworks for journalistic treatment of the Iraqi economic crises in specialized electronic journalism …. An analytical study on the economy news site


  • Zahraa Hussein Jabbar Alhaddad
  • Bassem Waheed Johnny


Press frameworks, journalistic treatment, economic crises, specialized electronic journalism, economy news


The research aims to identify the most prominent journalistic frameworks used in the electronic press specialized in the topics of the Iraqi economic crises, and to know the extent of interest of the specialized electronic press in the topics of the Iraqi economic crises, as well as to identify the type of press treatment used by the specialized electronic press Regarding the topics of economic crises in Iraq and revealing the most used journalistic arts, and knowing the methods of presenting the contents of the Iraqi economic crises in journalistic treatment in the specialized electronic press, The research is also one of the descriptive research in which the researcher used the analytical survey method, relying on the method of content analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, to analyze the content of the Iraqi economic crises on the Al-Eqtesad News website for the period from 1/1/2020 to 31/5/2023, if the researcher used a comprehensive inventory of the topics of economic crises in the research period, which numbered (1626) topics, and reached multiple conclusions, most notably: 1. The site used different types of frameworks in addressing the topics of the Iraqi economic crises, and this indicates the site's serious interest in topics that affect the stability of Iraqi society. 2. The economic news site was interested in the framework of humanitarian concerns significantly, as it portrayed the effects of economic crises on Iraqi society, and the reason for this is due to the site's attempt to highlight solutions that contribute to alleviating the severity of economic crises.3.In its press treatment of the Iraqi economic crises, Al-Eqtesad News website confirms that the Iraqi crises can only be solved if there is international cooperation, highlighting the weakness of the Iraqi government in managing economic crises4. The reason for this is that the site focused on the work of decision-makers in the extent of their commitment to the rules and standards that contribute to mitigating the severity of economic crises, and the site also neglected the topics of social solidarity, support for unemployed youth, respect for the national currency and support for oil industries, because the nature of the publications on the economy news site is mostly news concerned with the financial and oil aspect, which the site considers the basis Economic crises.