Deleting meaning letters in the Qur'an Analytical grammatical study


  • Ahmed kareem Al-Aid
  • Abbas Arab
  • Muhammad Nouri Al-Mousawi


Delete - Grammar- The Quran - Letters of meanings


The basic principle in an Arabic sentence is for the words to be clear so that the intended meaning reaches the mind of the listener in a clear and easy-to-receive manner. However, rhetorical goals require diversification in methods and methods to achieve those purposes. The most important of these methods is the method of deletion, which in many cases is more eloquent than mentioning. Deletion is a type of brevity and a part. It is not an integral part of the science of meanings in Arabic rhetoric, and it includes the deletion of the noun, the verb, the letter, and the sentence. The letters are divided into two types in the Arabic sentence, which are the letters of constructions and the letters of meanings. Our research includes deletion in the letters of meanings, which are deleted in speech just as other words are deleted. There is no deletion except with textual or rational evidence in order to reach the conclusion. A rhetorical purpose that is sought in order for speech to reach its level of verbal and moral sophistication and appear in its most beautiful forms. We sought in research to find out the facts of deletion and its linguistic and terminological concept, explain its reasons and purposes, and determine the levels of verbal and mental contexts, ending with the rhetorical purposes and general meanings of the Noble Qur’anic verses.