Al-Ahd Al-Akeed Tafsir of the glorious Qur'an (from the beginning of Surah Al-Anfal to the end of Ay'a (6) – Study and Investigation)


  • Khadeega Abdullah Muhammad Al-Olofee


Al-Ahd Al-Akeed - Almoayyedi - Interpretation of Qur'an – Investigation


The research aims to introduce the author of the manuscript and his life, introduce the manuscript, contribute to making the manuscript a book accessible to the reader, and add a source of interpretation to the Islamic library.The method used in the research is: historical, descriptive, and comparative analytical method. It is divided into an introduction, two sections, a conclusion, and an index. The introduction included: the reasons for choosing the manuscript for investigation, the importance of the manuscript, the objectives of investigating the manuscript, previous studies, the research methodology, and the research divisions. The first section also included: the theoretical study, which contains two requirements: The first requirement: Translating the authors of my book (Albuan and Altajreed), and introducing their book, The second requirement: translation of a manuscript(AlAhd Al-Akeed Tafsir of the glorious Qur'an Grabbed from of Surah Al-Anfal to the end of Ay'a (6)) Introduction to his manuscript, and the second section includes: an investigation of interpretation, the most important of which were as the following: 1.Imam Al-Hasan Al-Muaydi was influential in the scientific, cultural and political life of his time through his advocacy and through the works he wrote.2.It turned out that the manuscript (The Certain Covenant, Interpretation of the Glorious Qur’an) is rich in scientific material, as its author collected many things in it, including what is related to the sciences of the Qur’an, Quranic readings, and language, citing prophetic hadiths, discussing jurisprudential issues, interested in the language and the derivations of its words, and other sciences. He collected many opinions and sayings in interpretation without prolonging his explanation or violating the brevity.3.Imam Al-Hasan Al-Muaydi was fair in his preference among the opinions, so he preferred the opinion according to the situation and the evidence, even if it was not the opinion of the Zaidi school of thought, and this indicates his fairness and lack of fanaticism