Kitab Almuqadimat Aleishria Written By:Sheikh Imam The Scholar And Scholar Sheikh, Jamal Aldin Alqarafi (Study And Investigation )


  • Rebekah Mohammed Abdel Majeed Abdel Ilah Al-Nuaimi


alqarafi, alfiel aliasmi, alharafa, alnah


This small treatise achieved great scholarly significance in a single manuscript copy, which – as far as I know – is not available elsewhere in manuscript libraries. I divided the work on it into three chapters:In the first chapter, I studied the life of the author, may God have mercy on him. It caught my attention that despite his fame and mastery in science, and the graduation of many under him, he did not receive a comprehensive translation like other scholars. In this chapter, I talked about his private and scientific life, and mentioned his sheikhs, students, and the works he wrote. He did not have He changed this message, then mentioned the date of his death, may God have mercy on him, and thus concluded the first chapter.As for the second chapter, I devoted it to studying the manuscript, and in it I mentioned a comprehensive description of the book in terms of the author’s approach to it, and the sources he relied on in conveying the issues, and I mentioned the evidence for the book’s attribution to its author, and I also summarized in it the investigation method that I followed in the thesis.As for the third chapter, it included the content of the thesis. After transcribing the text according to the rules of modern dictation, I clarified the strange terms and attributed the issues to famous grammar books, to make it easier for the researcher to access them. The text did not contain any verses, hadiths, or notable figures. Therefore, the work was in The investigation is limited to these two points.