Economic life in Andalusia through the book “Subh Al-Asha fi the Construction Industry” by Al-Qalqashandi (d. 821 AH / 1418 AD)


  • Mohammad Nayef Mahmoud Fathi


economic life - agriculture – industry- trade


The research deals with the economic life of Andalusia through the book “Subh Al-Asha fi the Construction Industry” by Al-Qalqashandi, which pointed out many of the resources that Andalusia is famous for and what it achieved in agriculture, which was very popular, and the industry in which Andalusia excelled over other countries, and the product Andalusian, which was produced in abundance and brought by merchants to many countries in the East and Morocco. The researcher in this research also touched on the economic life in Andalusia through the book “Subh al-A’sha in the Construction Industry” by Al-Qalqashdi, so that we can see what this writer presented to us about the economic life in Andalusia, especially since it came in a late period when the sun of Andalusia was approaching its decline, as it contained historical information. Valuable, especially the economic aspect. This research included the introduction, four sections and a conclusion, an introductory section in introducing the writer and the book, and three other sections on agriculture, industry and trade, during which we answer the most important questions raised in the subject, which are first: What is the economic aspect that characterizes Andalusia? What is its return to society? Second: Did Andalusia succeed in using its natural potential? What is its return on the economic field? Third: Did the Andalusian economy differ after the Islamic conquest from its previous era? And how did that happen? In it, we rely mainly on the book, along with advanced and late sources, with deduction and analysis of indirect information, and then finally the results reached by the researcher. This is what the research revolves around in a brief manner, and God is the Grantor of success.produced and reached many countries in East and West by traders.