Grammatical responses to grammarians of Zanjani (the appeal method as a model)


  • Nizar Abdel-Latif Sabr Barir
  • Ali Mahdi Hassan Hassoun


Arabic grammar, responses to grammarians, the call, Zanjani


The responses are among the important issues that the grammarians have addressed since the beginning of the grammatical composition and the rules of the Arabic language, and this phenomenon belongs to the grammatical dispute. The strength of the argument is in responding to the opponent by analysis, discussion, inference, and following the opinion of previous scholars, and we note that these responses have been characterized in various grammatical issues, and formed a clear feature in the methods of appeal, which he stood on and addressed many responses in different issues, his response was in the methods of appeal He was clear and followed the reasoning in responding to the opponent’s opinion, and he employed clear methods in responding to the opponent from these methods that he employed (weak, corrupt, or disordered). For this reason, the researcher followed the descriptive analytical approach in standing up to the issues of responses in the style of the appeal, and the researcher reached that Al-Zanjani’s method was characterized by clarity and accuracy at times, and at other times he used grammatical inference methods such as measurement and You will read, and he was not even ashamed of responding to the grammatical school to which he leaned a lot in his book, which is the visual school