Site of labor laws in public employment in Iraqi law


  • Murtada Al-Yasi
  • Fouad Ghazi Kazem Al-Khafaji


National, international law, human rights, independence


Iraq has a major role in employment laws. Iraq has five effective laws that govern public employment, which are the Civil Service Law No. 24 of 1960, the Staff Law No. 25 of 1960, the Discipline of State and Public Sector Employees Law No. 14 of 1991, the Unified Retirement Law No. 9 of 2014, and the State Employees’ Salaries Law. Public Sector No. 22 of 2008, in addition to many special legislation, decisions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council, and orders of the dissolved Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.But the public job still suffers from many problems, especially since many of these laws have passed for a long time and are no longer compatible with the current circumstance, the most important of which is the Civil Service Law, which was legislated in 1960 and the lack of a database for the real number of employees, which prevents job duplication and waste of money. General and the problem of temporary jobs, contracts and daily wages, which are raised in any discussion of the general budget law and determining the legal status of many categories of workers in state agencies, especially since the legal system for public employment in Iraq is considered one of the closed legal systems, meaning that the original job is the permanent job and the Iraqi legislator in Resolution 150 of 1987 stipulates that the laws that apply to employees shall be applied to temporary employees in appointment, rights and duties, as they are applied by virtue of the provisions of the State Employees Discipline Law. We find it necessary to work on legislating the Federal Civil Service Law and unifying the legal rules for the public job, especially the salary scale and job grades. Legislating the Federal Civil Service Law leads to unifying the public job legislation and expanding the work with the job number, which the Ministry of Planning has begun working on