Power and society in the novels of the Iraqi writer Ali Badr


  • Bahar Siddiqi
  • Saif Aldain Naser Khazaal Almenhalawi


Ali Badr. Authority. the society. Society's relationship to power. An applied study in the writer's novels


Political tyranny, and what it entailed of depriving and marginalizing groups of society, contributed to the formation of a reaction. Because within each individual there are forces and struggles that push him to rebel against what he is familiar with and accustomed to, and other forces push him to adhere to the familiar and the usual, and because the dialectical relationship between individual awareness and social culture played an important role in controlling the process of social systems, especially since the process of change is mainly focused on advancing the same system of individual awareness and through it culture in general. The individual's consciousness is only an indirect product of the society's culture. The tyrannical culture of society negatively affects the individual, and the novelist Ali Badr confronted and tried to change it in various ways through criticism of the political, cultural and social class. As for the other part of the novelists, he preferred to stay away from power and its oppressive culture. And since the novels that Ali Badr talked about search for reality in their contents and intellectual, cultural and political dissertations. The novel worked to reveal the nature of the relationship between the individual and power, because the relationship of literature with social, political, cultural and philosophical reality is in constant controversy; Because of the disagreements and disagreements that all revolve around the important question of how the relationship takes place Authority and the individual are the ones that determine the nature of that relationship, and accordingly, in our research, we decided to choose the novels of the Iraqi writer Ali Badr, and through them the writer wanted to talk about the years of terror that Iraq and Iraqis lived through under authoritarian governments, and from this our starting point must be correct to stop at the most prominent reasons that prompted novelists to adhere to these ideologies and try to present them in their texts in multiple ways