US Navy bases in Alaska and Aleutian during World War II 1939-1945


  • Omar Nafie Nouri
  • Mohamed Yahya Ahmed


US Navy bases, United States, World War II


The US naval bases are one of the most important military institutions of the US Armed Forces, as these bases contributed to maintaining the influence of the United States in the areas where these bases were located, as well as these bases contained many facilities and buildings for fleet training, warehouses for storing weapons and equipment, and military airfields to protect the security and safety of the borders and vital interests of the United States, and these bases played a prominent role during World War II by supplying the fleet operating in the Pacific with fuel, building its own warehouses, ammunition and torpedoes, and necessary supplies of food, alarm stations These bases also contained advanced hospitals to care for the sick and wounded, provide the necessary medical support and health care to soldiers and sailors and maintain their safety in order to continue their presence in the battles, and these bases played a strategic role through the maintenance of Fleet parts that were damaged during the various Pacific battles, as these bases contained workshops and laboratories for the maintenance of battleships and submarines and providing them with repairs and necessary parts for their durability in battle, and these bases also included large berths for docking ships battleships, destroyers and submarines returning from battles in order to conduct The necessary repair operations and the provision of weapons and ammunition, as well as the presence of places dedicated to resting soldiers and sailors returning from battles, observation towers and airfields for ground aircraft, berths for launching Seaplanes, hangars for aircraft and workshops for their maintenance, with the presence of buildings dedicated to the administration of the base, which included many administrative officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and sailors whose main function was to secure all the necessary supplies for the base from food and supply fresh water to these bases in cooperation with the Naval Construction Battalion known as Seabees.