United states American during world war first 1914- 1918


  • Wesaam Hameed Mahmood
  • Bariq Abbas obaid


United States of America, World War I, passenger ship


The importance of studying the topic "the United States of America during the first World War 1914-1918" comes from the need to identify the reality of American neutrality before entering the war between the years 1914-1916, the repercussions of that war on the internal conditions of the United States and its impact on the development of the position of the American administration of the conflict then between the Entente and the center blocs, ending with its entry into the war and the reasons that prompted it to side with the Entente bloc, and the importance and value of American intervention in defeating the center bloc. The United States declared its neutrality at the beginning of the war, in line with its interests and waiting for the clashes between the two camps to benefit from trade exchange with both sides, and wishing to weaken the parties to the conflict so that it could rise to the refineries of the great countries, and with the continuation of the war and the developments that took place in it (submarine war), the United States found itself greatly biased towards the Entente bloc, especially from the economic and Social points of view, which forced the country's political decision-maker to enter the war on the side of the Entente bloc, in line with its interests and the desire of public opinion the American. Which helped to resolve the battle in favor of the Entente bloc