The diplomatic role of the United States Ambassador Robert Strong In Iraq 1963-1967


  • Hussein Tuma Shether


Political relations, Strategic interests, Diplomatic sector, Policy planning, Interests, Standards


The Research paper tackles the political activities of the U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad, Robert Strong, 1963-1967. The research traced the ambassador’s career progression before his appointment as ambassador in Iraq in 1963. Strong occupied several positions in the U.S. consulates and embassies worldwide, Besides, he occupied the position of the Director of the Near East Department at the U.S. State Department, therefore Strong clearly has a distinctive diplomatic and political experience. This embodied his role in strengthening the relationship between Iraq and the United States of America. Especially towards the Kurdish issue in Iraq.Strong started his political activities as soon as he reached Baghdad in 1963 by focusing on two fundamental axes, firstly, his endeavor to boost the relations and attitudes between Baghdad and Washington at a time he intensified his political efforts upon the second axis which includes the Kurdish issue in which he endeavored to find a peaceful solution for it and to end the war between the Iraqi forces and Kurdistan region in northern Iraq. Strong did that for fearing that The Soviet Union at that time may exploit that to harm American interests in Iraq. However, the U.S. administration ended the task of Strong in Baghdad in 1967 and appointed him in the position of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State