Understanding the perceptions, a footnote to the perceptions of downloading and the realities of interpretation by Mulla Salih Al-Kouza panki – study and investigation


  • Maisaa Ali Khorsheed
  • Jameel Ali Rasool


Manuscript, Investigation, The Holy Quran, Interpretation, Perceptions.


Manuscripts are of great importance, as they are the legacy to us of scholars who exerted their best efforts in codifying them, and there is no doubt that Mulla Salih Al-Kouza panki is one of the scholars who were concerned with the interpretation of the Book of God Almighty, and he wrote this footnote at a time when writing and printing were difficult, and under difficult circumstances, In appreciation of this exerted effort, we had to pay attention to studying this footnote that is rich in science and knowledge. It was achieved by using the eloquent texts from the Holy Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah and the words of the eloquent Arabs in poetry and prose, and returning the texts and taking them from the mothers of the books investigated by the venerable scholars, and in order for the manuscript to reveal its contents, the investigator dealt with it vigorously and persistently, in order to facilitate its understanding and thus understanding the word of God Almighty and clarification and clarification Its purposes and objectives. And that manuscripts are part of the nation's heritage, and an important document of its civilized and national existence, so nations sought to preserve their manuscripts, and mastered the means of this maintenance. And based on the foregoing, the thesis included two parts, the first part is the translation of the author’s life and the study of his manuscript divided into investigations and demands, and the second part is the investigation of this manuscript from verse (36) of Surat Al-An’am to verse (110) of it, and the importance of the letter lies in seeing some The suffering of scholars in the past, and what they have achieved is the result of effort, toil and suffering. As for the problem of study, it lies in the importance of understanding the word of God Almighty and taking its interpretation from the mother books that have been thoroughly investigated and demonstrating the extent of the effectiveness of the efforts of scholars in explaining what God Almighty wants from His great signs. Contribute to the service of the Book of God, the Mighty, the Wise, and the clarification of its purposes and objectives, especially in this footnote marked by the comprehension of perceptions on the perceptions of revelation and the realities of interpretation by Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Nasafi During my studies, I followed the descriptive and analytical approach in my investigation of this manuscript, as I referred to all the previous studies of my thesis specialized in the same subject of my research