The singularities of Al-Fadl ibn Musa Al-Sinani - collection and study


  • Abdul Salam Hizam Musaad Al-Lahabi


uniqueness - strangeness - trust - strangeness - violation


This research aims to collect the narrations of Al-Fadl ibn Musa Al-Sinani that were described as unique or strange, and to study them, and to explain the extent to which these rulings apply to them.The research was divided into two parts:A theoretical section: in which the researcher dealt with defining Al-Fadl ibn Musa, and explaining the meaning of uniqueness and what is related to it,and the applied section:It dealt with the required narratives and the detailed study related to them in two sections. The researcher followed two approaches: inductive and critical analytical. Then the research concluded with the most important results:1-Al-Fadl ibn Musa Al-Sinani is one of the trustworthy and reliable narrators, whose authenticity is agreed upon, and the words of Imam Ahmed about him are taken to be absolutely unique.2-some scholars ruled that some of the narrations of Al-Fadl ibn Musa were strange according to the methods they found, and they missed other methods that they had not seen, or were not familiar with.3-Al-Fadl bin Musa was strange in some Hadiths, and the strangeness was not a reason for rejecting those Hadiths. Not every Hadith is strange and weak. Rather, the strangeness was celebrated by other reasons that came from its Sheikhs. Some of them are unknown, some of them are trustworthy and have delusions that cannot be considered unique, and some of them differ from it and are truthful and have delusions.4-Al-Fadl ibn Musa did not disagree with trustworthy people except in one Hadith, and hardly anyone from the reliable memorizers is exempt from it, let alone those below them. This does not lower him from the rank of reliable trustworthy narrators who can be used as evidence