The difference in the image of the morphological structure of the Quranic vocabulary and its impact on semantic guidance


  • Faryal modher radi Al-Badiri Al-Qadisiyah University College of Education Department of Arabic Language
  • Ehsan Fouad Abas Al-fouadi


dispute, morpholojical structure، Quranic reading، semantic impact، Tightening and loosening


This research deals with the difference in the morphological structure of the Quranic vocabulary in the Quranic readings and the impact of this difference in the semantic guidance of each reading, and since the Arabic language relies on movements to indicate the semantics of its vocabulary and sentences heavily, this research will address the impact of the difference in movement within the morphological structure of the vocabulary in:                                                                            

The first: deals with the difference of the image of the single in its first letter.

Second: the difference in the image of the single in its second letter, and due to the multiplicity of the movement of the second letter between easing and tightening, this section will be divided into two parts as well, namely:( stirring or soothing, easing or tightening).                            

      I started this research with an introduction in which I explained the effect of the movement of the morphological structure in the singular on changing the connotation, and then dealt with some of the noble Quranic verses and their readings that include changing the morphological movement of the singular and the effect of this change on changing the meaning and connotation of the Quranic verse, even a little, taking into account the different position of the movement, whether in the first letter of the singular or in its second letter. After addressing these differences, the research ended with a conclusion that includes the most important findings of the research, followed by the research margins, then a list of               research sources.