Baghdad Khatun (D. 736 AH / 1336 AD) and Dilshad Khatun (D. 752 AH / 1351 AD) (A study of their political and administrative role )


  • Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai


Marriage, Prince, Power, Egypt, Doctors, Khatun


Women in various historical stages have a prominent role in various fields, it has a clear imprint in the state administration and has a successful mind in politics and economics. Baghdad Khatun (D. 736 AH/ 1336 AD) is the daughter of Prince Joban (D. 728 AH/ 1327 AD) is one of the most famous women of its time, so it was A wife of important figures that left a great impact in the Ilkhani Mughal state (651-756 AH/1253-1355 AD), she is the wife of Ilkhan Abu Saeed Bahdar (717-736 AH/1317-1335 AD), giving her wide powers and controlled in the Ilkhani Mongol tiles for several years .. Also discussed the research. The position of Prince Joban rejecting her marriage to Al -Ikhhan Abu Saeed Bahdir and is considered an important reason for the bad relationship between them despite all the services provided to the Mongol state of the Ilkhani, until Al -Ikhhan ordered his killing with his son, so this was a reason for the hatred of Baghdad who betrayed him, especially after he neglected and married to him Dilshad Khatun (D. 752 AH/ 1351 AD), which was competed with the authority and powers, and the research also discussed the reasons for its killing in the year 736 AH/ 1336 AD by order of the Ilkhan Erba (D. 736 AH/ 1336 AD) because of its refusal to take over and try to reduce it. The research also highlighted the biography of Dilshad Khatun and her marriage to Ikhhan Abu Saeed Bahadur and then her marriage to Sheikh Hassan Al-Jalairi (D. 757 AH / 1356 AD), who granted her broad powers in the state and her political and administrative role until her death in 752 AH / 1351 AD