War, Violence and Trauma in Sarah Kane’s Blasted


  • Nadia Aliakbar Ibrahim
  • Rawaa Jawad Kadhim


Sarah Kane, Blasted, War, Violence, Trauma and Healing


This research illuminates the occurrence of the notions of violence and trauma in Kane’s character which she has portrayed obviously as an illustration of wide entrenched influence of war, trauma and violence in both her literary and real experience. The study looks into Kane's personal tragic circumstances as well as trauma in British theater. It is a social and psychological analysis. The central point of this study is look after concepts of trauma and violence involvement and its representation exactly as the scope of theatre even with the greatest circumstances. In this analysis and interpretation of Blasted, Kane attempted to concentrate on important topics in a way that was reminiscent of Artand's "Theatre of Gurley," which gave viewers the impression that they had actually experienced something. Additionally, the traumatic element of Blasted may be found in the themes of violence, suicide, death, and rape; these themes contribute to Kane's exceptional accomplishment and are a reflection of both his own difficult personal life and society at large. lastly, Sarah Kane aims to depict as well as grievances of a mind that has forget its perception of self. Moreover, the devastating belief that trauma is a result of the inability to cope with the outside society