Manifestations of the semantics of words when Nazik angels


  • Hossein Nazeri Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad
  • Ameer Ahmed Obaid Hussein Al-Qasim Green University


profanity, poetic image, language, semantics, Nazik angels


The semantics of words in the language of poetry is considered the first and the basis, and it is the tool of transmission and communication in the language, and the talent of the artist appears in his ability to choose, select, and synthesize words to convey his experience in the best way, and this requires him to be familiar with the language, its rules, the characteristics of its use, and the multiplicity of its methods and methods. Verbals are a container into which the poet pours his feeling to achieve meanings that are a mirror that reflects his own experience that resulted from many circumstances and experiences. Therefore, profanity has no refuge in which it takes its specificity and enters into photography except in poetry, just as the poetic meanings that language bears are based on a double basis of reference. And the signifier.

Since the word in poetry differs from one context to another, because it is found in more strange circumstances, and the effect that the word actually generates is a reconciliation between one of its possible effects and the special circumstances in which it exists. And the poet carries suggestive energies that give pleasure and admiration, and he also believes that what gives the word its beauty and poetic description is that the poet empties it of its traditional inherited charge, and fills it with a new charge that takes it out of its ordinary frame and its common significance.