Endowments and presents - and khul during the Ikhshidid era


  • Nour Hilal Jiyad Al-Gharibawi Wasit University/ College of Education for Islamic Sciences/ Department of History
  • Shaima Badr Abdullah Al-Saray Wasit University/ College of Education for Islamic Sciences/ Department of History


Ikhshidid ، Endowments ، Abbasids ، khul، present


Praise be to God, we seek His help and trust in Him, and prayers and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH), and upon all of his pure family, and after:

History is the science that is concerned with studying the chronological record of events that affected a nation and is concerned with studying the human past through written documents left by humans and is the firm foundation on which historians stand. This science has received great attention from researchers and scholars throughout all ages.

The importance of the topic comes from the fact that it is one of the social studies that constitute an important aspect of Islamic history, and reflects the overall social activity of the Islamic nation throughout its prosperous eras.

After research and investigation, we clarified the importance of donations, gifts, and dislocation and their value through the linguistic meaning and the verses mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that explain the gift, and what was mentioned in the Prophet’s Sunnah of hadiths urging gifting, and the importance of exchanging gifts among the Arabs before and after Islam.

This is the fruit of our efforts that we made in order to record a new study of Islamic history, in the hope that it will benefit researchers in the future. At the same time, we cannot say that we wrote down and recorded everything here, but we say that we shed light on an important model in social life, and praise be to God first and foremost. I say this. And I ask God for success, and I ask forgiveness from God for every omission, mistake, or deficiency that I have committed, because the shortcomings are among the requirements of human beings. Perfection belongs to God alone.