The displacement of the first Falasha Jews to (Israel) and Operation Moses (1981-1985)


  • Muhammad Abdullah Mahdi Al-Fahdawi University of Anbar College of Education for Human Sciences
  • Ali Hussein Ali University of Anbar College of Education for Human Sciences


Operation Moses, Sudan, Falasha, Israel, Jewish Agency


The research aims to shed light on the process of displacement of the first Falasha Jews to Israel and the Moses process, which took place in coordination between Sudan on the one hand and Israel and the United States of America on the other hand, which took place in stages that extended from 1981 to 1985, as the International Jewish Agency was able to contribute Effective in the process of displacement through financial, logistical and propaganda support, from facilitating the process of displacing Ethiopian Jews to Israel via Sudan, and the first stages of the process was to bring the Falashas to camps in Sudan and then transport them by sea in the beginning, and by planes in a major operation launched It has Operation Moses, which succeeded in transferring thousands of Ethiopian Jews (Falashas) from Sudan to Israel With the complicity of the Sudanese government in return for providing huge financial and military aid to Sudan, which amounted to millions of dollars, the operation was preceded by stages of preparation for it, with small and small-scale displacement of the Falasha to Israel by sea and through relief organizations, as well as by concluding individual deals with the Sudanese government Then he made big deals represented by Operation Moses, on which Israel spent huge amounts of money to implement it. The United States of America played a major role in preparing and coordinating the operation, by putting pressure on Sudanese President Jaafar al-Numeiri. To agree to the deal and threaten to cut off American aid to Sudan, that is to reject the process of displacing the Falasha through Sudan to Israel. After Sudan’s approval, the major operation to displace the Falasha began at the end of 1984 and the beginning of 1985, as nearly eight thousand Falasha Jews were transferred from Sudan To Israel, after the operation was exposed, Arab and Islamic criticism aroused Sudan and its role in the operation