"Manifestations of the Other in the Poetry of Muhammad Kadhim Jawad"


  • Hassan Goodarzi Lemraseky
  • Mehdi Shahrokh
  • Anmar Falih Mahdi


manifestations, the other, Muhammad Kazem Jawad


Muhammad Kazem is a poet who has a very quiet experience. He writes everything he sees, but he repeats the scene and builds his perceptions upside down. Sometimes, as one sees him, and for a moment he finds that his poetry is moving energetically forward. He ventures to visit the poet and makes a soft friendship with him before the drops of imaginary blossom when the poet needs love. Nostalgia for the place where the gharabi sang the migratory tunes moments later.

       Contiguousness, negation, and migration whenever features are not apparent as is known by the daily, but rather they are telegrams and remain hesitant between the one who is able to move on the distant lands, but the individual / being inside with the poetic voice and also with the narrator is the most present and dominant, so he is the most enriching and losing, because the moment he leaves for a place He does not know his details, but he is not very different, and the frequent changes of places made a sensitive poet like Muhammad Kazem more delicate as he chooses his new place and also the moment of escaping from it, because loneliness in the place / desert is unified, and flight.