Contents of sports programs on Al-Sharqiya satellite channel (An analytical study of the third half program) For the period from 2022/8/7 to 2022/10/27


  • Rafi Abdel Qader Saudi University of Babylon/ Department of Media and Government Communication


sports programmes, Al-Sharqiya satellite channel, Third period programme


Specialized sports media plays an important role in the life of modern societies, as it has become, after the growth and development of the role of the media, an important pillar for the success of any local or international sports tournament or competition, and sporting events have become an integral part of the lives of the people of society.                       

     The sports programs offered by satellite television channels have a wide and varied audience, as it attracts various segments of society. The current research aims to shed light on the contents of one of the programs that deal with the sports field, which is the weekly program The Third Round presented by Al-Sharqiya satellite channel.                         As the research seeks to achieve several objectives, including: monitoring and analyzing the most prominent topics dealt with in the contents of the sports program, the third half, and identifying the methods of persuasion used by the channel in question, identifying the types of sports news coverage, and standing on the most prominent television editorial arts used by Al-Sharqiya channel.                                                

     This research is considered a descriptive research, as the researcher used the survey method, and relied on the content analysis form as a tool for collecting basic information and data From the period (7/8 to 27/10/2020).                                                       

    The research reached a set of results, including: the emergence of seven main topics that the editorial policy of the channel under study was keen to include in the contents of the third half program, and the topic of support in the sports field ranked first, and the method of presenting opinion as the truth ranked first among the sub-categories of methods of persuasion, and this category won the titles The written one ranks first among all categories of image processors used by the program.