The struggle of political forces in the Kingdom of Castile between Leon and the Almoravid state (479-501 AH / 1086-1107 AD)


  • Tahrir Mohammed Jadan Iraqi Ministry of Education General Directorate of Education of Babylon


Kingdom of Castile, Alfonso VI, Leon, the Almoravid state


This study deals with the conflict over the Kingdom of Castile and its impact on the relations between the Kingdom of Castile between Leon during the reign of Alfonso VI and the Almoravids, where the light is shed on the campaigns of King Alfonso VI against the Almoravid state in Andalusia in the period 479 AH-501 AH and analyzes a number of treaties that occurred between the two parties to resolve the conflict Between them, the study of the history of the Middle Ages was interested in studying the political aspects of the history of the Spanish Christian kingdoms in Andalusia, due to the multiplicity of relations between the states of the sects and Almoravids with Christian Europe, and in talking about the Kingdom of Castile during the reign of Alfonso and then the struggle between his sons for power and I elaborated on talking about Alfonso VI In Castile and his relationship with the Almoravids, as well as the campaign of the leader of Alfonso the Rahans on the states of the sects, and what distinguishes the era of this king from the emergence of racism among the Spanish Christians with the aim of expelling Muslims from Andalusia, and in which Alfonso VI became king over the great kingdom of Castile, Leon and Galicia after the killing of his brother Sancho, It ended with the control of some Islamic cities in Andalusia, the crossing of the Almoravids to Andalusia during the reign of Yusuf bin Tashfin, and the victory of the Almoravids in the Battle of Zalaqa.