The image of the mother and her representations in the Arab feminist painting


  • Amal Hassan Ibrahim University of Babylon - College of Fine Arts
  • Amjad Abdel Kazem Hussein Babylon provincial council


representations, maternity, mothers picture, Arabic painting, Arab Feminist painting


The tagged study represents (the image of the mother and her representations in the Arab feminist painting) amodest scientific of(the image of the mother and her representations in the Arab feminist painting , through some artistic productions selected from the paintings. which resulted in the researcher collecting scientific materials to serve the subject of the research and the reality of three chapters. the first chapter included the methodological framework for the research problem its importance , objectives, limits, and the terminology contained there in. the second chapter is devoted to the theoretical framework , which includes some topics related to the subject of the research . the researcher dealt in the first axis with the image of women in Arab painting , and the second axis dealt with aesthetic the Arab feminist painting. the third chapter dealt with the research community , the selection of the sample forms. as for the fourth and final chapter of this research , the results of the research were reached by analyzing the sample models and in the light of the objectives that have been identified. While the fourth chapter included the results of the research, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions , Among the findings of the researcher: 1 –The cultural environment by raising the issue of cultural overlap and evoking heritage, folklore, stories and myths with their imaginary atmosphere 2 - The role of the mother in the artistic works of Arab female artists is highlighted through her relationship with her children, with love, tenderness and sacrifice for them Among the conclusions are: 1 - The aesthetic relationship between feminist Arab painting and the environment has emerged through the ideological connection to its works based on objective treatments of the issue of the inferior view of women and openness to meaning by linking the old and the new.2- The artistic works showed the mother's relationships with her children, which included social dimensions such as love, tenderness, follow-up, closeness to them, and caring for them