The religious element in Abbasid poetry: a study of the religious influence on poets and their works in the Abbasid era


  • Sirwan Jabbar Khader Tikrit University - College of Education, Tuz Khurmatu the department of Arabic language


religious element, Abbasid poetry, religious influence, Abbasid poets and poets, the Abbasid era


The religious element is a source of inspiration and artistic expression in literary and artistic works, and contributes to shaping the cultural identity of societies and cultures. In this study, the Abbasid era and its historical and cultural background are highlighted, which helps in understanding the context in which this poetry arose. Then an overview is presented. On the prominent poets of this era and their literary works, the focus was on how the religious element influenced the style and content of the poets of the Abbasid era. Many poems that contain religious elements and that represent topics such as faith, prayer, religious ethics, and others were analyzed, and literature was used. The Abbasid as a window to understanding the religious values and beliefs of that era, and the religious diversity in Abbasid poetry is highlighted, as there was a diverse influence of the dominant religions of the era, such as Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism, on the poets and this was reflected in their poems. In addition to the religious aspects, it was explored how Abbasid poets were influenced by the political and social events of the era, and how this was reflected in their poems in a way related to religion.