Motives of the people of falsehood to promote their falsehood (an inductive and descriptive study)


  • Mozdalefa Alsir Muhammad Ali Assistant Professor, College of Education\Department of Islamic Studies Northern Border University\ Saudi Arabia


envy, arrogance, imitation, exclusion, Falsehood


The research aims to reveal the motives of the people of falsehood to enhance their falsehood, through the collection and study of Quranic verses and books of interpretation, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive approach was used in its deductive approach. The introduction included the importance of the research, the objectives of the research, the research problem, the research methodology, previous studies related to the research, and the division of the research. The conclusion is to present the most important findings and recommendations The study leads to a number of results, including: the motives of the people of falsehood throughout the ages, either envy, or arrogance, or ignorance, or blind imitation of parents, or love of lusts, or following whims, or killing, exclusion, and expulsion. Condescending to people, Falsehood has no benefit, value, or stability. As for the recommendations, the most important of them were avoiding falsehood and its people, and siding with the truth and its people; for no matter how severe the harm of falsehood is, the end will be for the righteous in this world and the Hereafter. The necessity of paying attention to Da’wah studies in order to know the reasons and motivations of the people of falsehood. Following the path of Islamic law, and arming yourself with the weapon of science and knowledge, to confront the people of falsehood and refute their falsehood. The people of truth should come together and not be divided, and reject differences, so that the people of falsehood will not find an outlet through which they can resort to the people of truth.