A treatise on the science of grammar, and a treatise on the science of eloquence by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nabrawi (1275HD), study and investigation


  • Esraa Salah Khalel University of Anbar-College of Arts


Statement science, Grammer science, Al nabrawy, Affirmation, relative


The heritage manuscripts in Arabic sciences and other valuable and useful treasures that our ancestors left for later generations, so this research is based on the study and achieving one of those manuscripts, which is concerned with the knowledge of the statement, as the research included astudy of the manuscript and its owner, and then achieve the text of the manuscript the nature of the research required that it be divided into two parts. The first part is for studying and the second part is for investigation.As for the study section it was divided into two branches: the first branch included talking about the biography of sheikh AL-Nabrawy, talking about him was brief dueto the lack of what was mentioned about him in thw books of translations. As for the second branch, which includes the study of the manuscript, it included verifying the title of the manuscript , its attribution to its author, the motives for its author ship, its methodology, adescription of the copies of the manuscript, and the method used in th investigation. As for the second section related to the investigation, it included the text of the manuscript ( atreatise on grammar and atreatise on rhetoric) in which the approved principles were followed in the investigation of themanuscrips, ensures the writing of the manuscript in the modernization of write and punctuation, and editing the text on the contemporary spelling, and naskhi script with adherence to punctuation marks, extracting texts from their sources, introducing the flags mentioned in the manuscript text, and graduating text from their sources, and clarify some paragraphs that need explanation and elaboration.This work I put it in the margin to preserve the text as wanted by its author.