The rule of the art of Ibro in Islamic Jurisprudence


  • Yasser Adnan Hassan Department of History - College of Education for Human Sciences - University of Babylon


Ebru art drawing face


Ebru is a Persian word made up of two syllables “ab” meaning water and “ro” meaning face. Art Ebru is known in the Arabic language (painting on water), but in Europe it is called “art marbling”, meaning the art of marbling. . It is considered one of the most beautiful arts known in Turkey and is currently spreading in many countries. It depends on drawing on water mixed with certain materials to make it thick and uses special colors that are sprayed and formed on the surface so that later that drawing can be taken on special thick alabaster paper to withstand water.Its pigments and ibro colors are extracted from the natural mineral oxides of the clay. It is filtered and ground to form different colors, and to prepare a color, a quantity of color powder is mixed with some water and heated until the powder is completely dissolved and the color becomes curd and preserved, with the addition of an oxide substance to it to help the dye spread on the water board or what is called a technique It is one of the Islamic arts whose history has been neglected and forgotten not only in the Arab world, but also in the homeland in which Turkey flourished Modern art is one of the types of art that emerged in the late 1860s until the end of the 1970s. It is an art that rejected traditional forms and focused on individual and sensory experimentation. And modern art applies to a large number of arts that extend for more than a century. Modern art is characterized by the artist’s depiction of the subject as it exists in the world, which highlights the beauty of modern art, in addition to that it rejects traditional patterns and traditional values. If they are animate or non-animal, we will discuss them in detail