Restrictions of documentation by hearing and reading in the Arabic manuscript


  • kasim Al-Aibi Musa College of Engineering \ Al-Mustansiriya University


listening - reading - documentation - manuscript – text


Scholars took great care of the restrictions, especially the listening and readings, by documenting the texts because they represent important documentary data, and these restrictions are often fixed on the title page and at the end of it, or within its pages, as it is a method of documentation. The Arab scholars used to take great care in producing the correct, reliable and established texts. It was the habit of some scribes or authors, due to the lack of paper or the inability to buy it, to write down what they considered important in their lives on what they could reach from the books they had such as the date of birth, death, or wedding, or a mention of an important matter such as a scholarly license for a sheikh or a translation for some scholars, and often the title page or the last page of the manuscript was used for that matter, and in many cases we may find that these restrictions are more important than the In many cases, we may find that these restrictions are more important than the text of the manuscript itself, especially if the manuscript is one of the manuscripts in circulation, printed, educational, or popular, which makes it a unique document, so these restrictions have raised its status and value.body of the manuscript itself