Arabic dialects In the gym book of Abi Amr Al-Shaibani The deceased in the year (213 AH)


  • Qassem Rahim Hassan University of Babylon/Babylon Center for Civilizational and Historical Studies


Dialects, dictionary, acoustic level, morphological level, grammatical level, semantic level


Book of the gym of the old linguistic dictionaries of the Arabs, which is written by Al-Shaibani and is an authentic reference from the references of the Arabic language and a dictionary in the oddities of vocabulary, and it has many uniqueness taken from Abu Amr Al-Shaibani, and transmitted dictionaries after him, and Al-Shaibani did not start his book with the letter Al-Jim as some of them imagined as Al-Khalil began his book, but began with a thousand and reported linguistic materials within each letter according to the order of the letters of the Arabic alphabet. The strange thing is that we did not find him stating the reason for naming him by this name, and this may be due to the lack of an introduction to the book, which prompted researchers to take the name. The Arabic dialects in this dictionary had a large and diverse presence was an important source of ancient Arabic dialect texts through which we can explore the dialects of the ancient Arabs and the most important characteristics, which Abu Amr selected from the words of the poetry of the Arab tribes, which he collected as evidence of the existence of the words that he mentioned in his book stating the name of the one who said in many places of it and sometimes refers to the tribe of the one who said that he lost his name