Manifestations of Tawli and Tabrih in the poetry of Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi


  • Morteza Ghaemi Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature Bu Ali Sina University
  • Nasir Qarakhani Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Bu Ali Sina University
  • Ahmed Khairy Khader Al-Badiri Arabic Language and Literature Bu Ali Sina University


Manifestations – Tawli – Tabrih – Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi


Perhaps it is one of the important issues that occupied not a small space among the Shiites, especially the Shiites of Andalusia, and tawli and disavowal have become something that distinguishes the Shiites from others since ages. And on top of them: Ibn Hani Al-Andalusi, he is one of the most famous poets in the Andalusian period, who wrote many poems in praise of the imams and Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH). In language and terminology and giving linguistic and idiomatic definitions about tawli and taburi, and the second axis is about the history of Shiism in Andalusia and the political history of Andalusia. We also started, through the descriptive and analytical approach, by analyzing and studying the poems of Ibn Hani al-Andalusi and the statement of tawli and taburi in which they are mentioned. It should be noted here that we have limited ourselves to this The article Ali al-Tawli and disavowal in the poems of Ibn Hani al-Andalusi, as he appeared with voices opposing and defending the House of Prophethood (pbuh) and disavowing their enemies, deriving his defense from foundations firmly rooted in the Islamic mentality, as if he was rooting for firm legal rulings, whose verses were manifested in his poems, the manifestation of the entitlement of the House (PBUH). P), leaving us poems that have become a landmark in the era of the Islamic state in Andalusia