Unpublished Cuneiform Prayer Text From NABÛ ṤA HARE Temple


  • Ahmed Naje Sabee Department of Archaeology, College of Arts, The University of Babylon


prayer, worship, supplications, Religion


The ancient Iraqi people practiced many religious rituals through which they tried to gain the affection and approval of the gods, and among these rituals : builds the temples, erection the statues for the gods, offering sacrifices, holding religious ceremonies , and many other actions. As well as the prayer was one of the most important worship ways in which the ancient Iraqi people sought to appease the gods , where it constituted the path between man and god , where they intent through it of avoiding the wrath of the gods and thier punishment. The prayer in ancient Iraq was not performed by supplication only, but rather it involved a number of actions and movements , where the Cuneiform prayer texts mentioned that the prayer in ancient Iraq was contenaind the process of bowing and prostration . There is also a reference to the process of raising the hand during the prayer process to supplicate to the gods, in addition for what we mentioned , the cuneiform sources mentioned that the worshipers in ancient Iraq, when they worshiping in front of the statue of the god, would hold the hem of the dress of the statue of the god, in reference to the seriousness of prayer and the trust of the worshipers in their gods.