Copyright policy and License

Copyright policy and License

First: Access rights to the site

1 - This site can be accessed at any time, in other words all content is free for users.

  1. The user of the site can read, download, copy, distribute, print or link the research fully with his research without permission from the publisher or writer (author-researcher)

Second: Copyright

  1. The journal allows the researcher to obtain copyright without restrictions.

2 - The journal is not obliged to give any amount of money to the author (researcher) resulting from the publication and publication of the research.

3 - The journal is not obliged to provide the author (researcher) free paper copy of the issue of the issue of research.

4- The journal also allows the reuse and mixing of the contents according to the CC-BY license.

5-All research will be published using the CC-BY-NC-ND license.

This work is licensed under the non-commercial International License (4.0).

All research is licensed under the copyright in the above license and will ensure in every research writing the following statement:

(This type of open access search is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (allowing only others to upload and share the search with others, provided that the original work of the author is the same, without any modification or use for commercial purposes)